Absolute Pallet and Supplies  -                A Global Transport Solution
We are a Manufacturer and Distributor of the Worlds Leading Corrugated Pallet and Corrugated Crates

For over 22 years we have been servicing the Manufacturing and Distribution Industry.
Our Award winning corrugated pallet, Manufactured and Distributed Over 15 million in 10 Different Countries. Sterile, light weight 14lbs ,able to Transport loads of 4,000 lbs Dynamic and 11,500 lbs static.
Infused to repel water, Life expectancy tested and rated atforty five multiple touches.
We are showing substantial savings to companies that are Importing, Exporting and or long distance ground transportation. Food and Pharmaceutical Safety as well
We are also a National accounts Provider of stretch films. Never a charge for delivery
We would welcome the opportunity to your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry
Serving the USA from:
NJ - NE - NC - OR - ME- PA - TX - PR
International Locations:
Argentina and Uruguay, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Brazil, India, Italy, Japan, Korea,Mexico  Puerto Rico, Spain,Turkey
Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM
Toll Free
877- 972 - 5538
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